Buckden Parish Councilto the Buckden Parish Council website.

We have designed this site to be a valuable source of information and news for residents and visitors alike. 

Buckden is a beautiful and historic village and you can find out more about it on our village page.

We’re sure potential visitors will enjoy the images in our gallery.

You’ll find the latest news and information about Parish Council and community activities on the right.

The Parish Council meets on the second Tuesday of every month at 7:30pm in the Millennium Hall and everyone is welcome to attend.

Flood Information and GuidanceElsewhere on this site you can find out about the role of today's parish council, a councillor and the all-important clerk. Minutes and agendas of the Council can be found on the meetings page.

The Parish Council considers planning applications within the parish and makes recommendations to the Planning Authority, Huntingdonshire District Council.  You can easily access current and past planning applications through our Planning page.

We have included a range of other information such as the Parish Council Annual Report, Standing Orders and Council Processes, a map of footpaths in the parish, and services such as allotments and the cemetery. 

We also plan, in the future, to include information about Buckden’s community groups and businesses.

We hope all visitors to the Buckden Parish Council Website find it a useful and interesting resource and that you come back again and again. We welcome feedback about the site, and about anything else in the community – you can use the contact form to contact the Parish Council via the Clerk. I’d like to encourage everyone in the village, young and old, individuals and organisations, to get involved in making Buckden an even better place to live.

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