ROUND-about-buckden Walk

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Round-About-Buckden Walk - InnerRound-About-Buckden Walk - Outer

The Round-about-Buckden walk is an 8-kilometre village walk, which has been established using existing footpaths, to  residents and encourage visitors to explore the countryside, learn more about the flora and fauna and history of the area. In addition there is clear evidence that spending time outside in the countryside (what is known in Japan as "Forest Bathing”) has a beneficial effect on health, particularly mental health and well being. So we really want you to get out there and start walking!

There are two information boards which describe the walk, one at the Village Hall, the other where the path meets the Ouse Valley Way and route leaflets available in a box next to the board at the Village Hall. However, here can be found a series of supplementary leaflets and links that we hope you find useful and informative.

Please do use the contact form to send us your ideas and thoughts about the route and of course any photographs will be most welcome. We hope you enjoy your walk.

This project was financed through the A14 legacy fund.



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