The Parish Council considers planning applications within the parish and makes recommendations to the Planning Authority, Huntingdonshire District Council.  You can easily access current and past planning applications by clicking on the details of the application.

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Planning applications - 2019
Number Address Details
19/00767/S106 Land Off Lucks Lane And West And South Of The Osiers And Springfield Close Buckden Amendment of S106 agreement for application 16/00576/OUT to amend mortgagee in possession clause for affordable units
19/80128/COND Land Off Lucks Lane And West And South Of The Osiers And Springfield Close Buckden Conditional Information for application 16/00576/OUT: C16 (Bat and Bird Boxes)
19/00422/HHFUL Greensfield 1 Charles Court Buckden Demolition of existing delapadated 1.8m high west boundary timber fence and replacement with 3m high Acoustic version.
19/00556/HHFUL Sherwood House 65-67 High Street Buckden Construction of a freestanding single storey contemporary timber clad outbuilding in rear garden
19/00639/TRCA 51 Church Street Buckden T1 Cypress: Remove damaged branches; T2 Cypress: Reduce height by 2m; T3 Holly: Reduce crown by 20%; T4 Holly: Reduce crown by 20%
19/00540/TRCA 51 High Street Buckden T1 Lime: reduce to 4 metres high due to extensive decay in main stem confirmed during an aerial inspection.
T2 Lime: crown lift to 6 metres to clear phone lines and property roof
19/00523/TRCA The Gables 4 High Street Buckden Reduce all Conifers at the front of the property, both sides of the driveway, back to previous pruning points.
Conifer Fell to ground level and grind stump.
Scott's Pine - Fell to ground level. Yew Tree - Reduce by 8ft. (For full info see supporting info)
19/00507/TREE 18 Marina View Mill Road Buckden DD - Fell T1
19/00451/FUL Offord Water Treatment Works Access Road To Pit Works From Leadens Lane Buckden Installation of hydrolux screens, platform and kiosk at Offord Water Treatment Works, Mill Road, Stirtloe, Huntingdon, PE19 5RG
19/00291/HHFUL 12 Bishops Way Buckden Two storey extensions, single storey extensions and alterations to dwelling
19/00350/HHFUL 13 Ouse Valley Way Mill Road Buckden Extension to rear and side of existing lodge and mooring pontoon
19/00207/TREE 25 Ouse Valley Way Mill Road Buckden 2 x Ash - Fell as unmanaged for years, branches have fallen off recently and it is very close to lodges and vehicles
19/80033/COND Land East Of Buckden South Landfill Site Brampton Road Buckden Conditional Information for 17/00797/FUL: C4 (surface water disposal) & C6 (soft landscape works and implementation)
19/00225/HHFUL 12 Manor Gardens Buckden Proposed two storey rear and single storey front extensions, new external wndow and door opneings to side, rear and existing garage. Internal alterations
19/00180/HHFUL 27 Lincoln Close Buckden Proposed brick skin (replacing existing concrete exterior) single storey rear extension to dwelling and new driveway/vehicular access
19/00048/TRCA Field House Silver Street Buckden T1 Lime: reduce lower crown (up to approx. 7 metres) over neighbouring garden by approx. 3 metres
T2 Yew: reduce northern and western sides by approx. 3 metres to improve shape and allow more light through to garden beneath tree
19/80002/COND Land East Of Buckden South Landfill Site Brampton Road Buckden Conditional Infomation for 17/00797/FUL: C3 (written scheme of investigation)
18/02753/OUT Land East Of Silver Street Buckden Outline planning permission for residential development (Use Class C3) of up to 340 homes, highway works including access off Silver Street, landscaping, ground works, and other ancillary works. All matters are reserved apart from access.


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