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Planning applications - 2018/19
Number Address Details
19/00540/TRCA 51 High Street Buckden T1 Lime: reduce to 4 metres high due to extensive decay in main stem confirmed during an aerial inspection.
T2 Lime: crown lift to 6 metres to clear phone lines and property roof
19/00523/TRCA The Gables 4 High Street Buckden Reduce all Conifers at the front of the property, both sides of the driveway, back to previous pruning points.
Conifer Fell to ground level and grind stump.
Scott's Pine - Fell to ground level. Yew Tree - Reduce by 8ft. (For full info see supporting info)
19/00507/TREE 18 Marina View Mill Road Buckden DD - Fell T1
19/00451/FUL Offord Water Treatment Works Access Road To Pit Works From Leadens Lane Buckden Installation of hydrolux screens, platform and kiosk at Offord Water Treatment Works, Mill Road, Stirtloe, Huntingdon, PE19 5RG
19/00291/HHFUL 12 Bishops Way Buckden Two storey extensions, single storey extensions and alterations to dwelling
19/00350/HHFUL 13 Ouse Valley Way Mill Road Buckden Extension to rear and side of existing lodge and mooring pontoon
19/00207/TREE 25 Ouse Valley Way Mill Road Buckden 2 x Ash - Fell as unmanaged for years, branches have fallen off recently and it is very close to lodges and vehicles
19/80033/COND Land East Of Buckden South Landfill Site Brampton Road Buckden Conditional Information for 17/00797/FUL: C4 (surface water disposal) & C6 (soft landscape works and implementation)
19/00225/HHFUL 12 Manor Gardens Buckden Proposed two storey rear and single storey front extensions, new external wndow and door opneings to side, rear and existing garage. Internal alterations
19/00180/HHFUL 27 Lincoln Close Buckden Proposed brick skin (replacing existing concrete exterior) single storey rear extension to dwelling and new driveway/vehicular access
19/00048/TRCA Field House Silver Street Buckden T1 Lime: reduce lower crown (up to approx. 7 metres) over neighbouring garden by approx. 3 metres
T2 Yew: reduce northern and western sides by approx. 3 metres to improve shape and allow more light through to garden beneath tree
19/80002/COND Land East Of Buckden South Landfill Site Brampton Road Buckden Conditional Infomation for 17/00797/FUL: C3 (written scheme of investigation)
18/02753/OUT Land East Of Silver Street Buckden Outline planning permission for residential development (Use Class C3) of up to 340 homes, highway works including access off Silver Street, landscaping, ground works, and other ancillary works. All matters are reserved apart from access.
18/02714/HHFUL 8 Lincoln Close Buckden Phase 1 Garage to front of Property. Phase 2 Single storey mono pitch roof rear extension
18/80338/COND Land Off Lucks Lane And West And South Of The Osiers And Springfield Close Buckden Conditional Information for 16/00576/OUT: C17 (Contamination)
18/02309/HHFUL 18 Bishops Way Buckden Extending existing dropped curb by approx 2m to accommodate slightly wider drive
18/80329/COND Land Off Lucks Lane And West And South Of The Osiers And Springfield Close Buckden Condtional Information for 16/00576/OUT: C7 (Phasing of Construction), C8 (Construction Method Statement), C10 (Surface Water Drainage Strategy), C12 (Finished Floor Levels), C15 (Fire Hydrants), C17 (Contamination), C20 (Noise Mitigation), C22 (Tree Protection Measures), C23 (Off Site Highway Works), C24 (Adoption Plans), C25 (Lighting), C26 (Arboricultural Method Statement), C28 (Archaeology),
18/02485/REM Land Off Lucks Lane And West And South Of The Osiers And Springfield Close Buckden Approval of Reserved Matters (including full details of the appearance, layout, scale and landscaping) in relation to the construction of 180 dwellings, demolition of the garage belonging to 24 Mayfield, highways, open space, play space, structural landscaping and all other associated infrastructure.
18/02446/PMBPA Land Adjacent Pasturelands Taylors Lane Buckden Conversion of agricultural building to two dwellinghouses
18/02421/FUL Land Adjacent 49 Lucks Lane Buckden Erection of detached three bedroomed house on land currently forming part of the curtilage of 49 Lucks Lane
18/02297/TREE 11 Ouse Valley Way Mill Road Buckden Weeping willow - take about 4-5meters of the top of the tree to where it was done before and reshape the side that's over hanging the river by about 6meters.The tree will be a frame work pollard.
18/02264/TREE 14 Marina View Mill Road Buckden 1) Large mature Weeping Willow. 30% reduction.
2) & 3) x2 Large mature Poplars. 10 meters out of the top, framework pollard, leaving as many growth points as possible.
4) Very tall mature Poplar. Maximum pollarding.
18/02141/HHFUL Field House Silver Street Buckden Alterations to approved plans 17/01230/LBC and 17/01229/HHFUL (increase in depth of glazed link)
18/02141/HHFUL Field House Silver Street Buckden Alterations to approved plans 17/01230/LBC and 17/01229/HHFUL (increase in depth of glazed link)
18/01975/TREE 16 Watersmead Mill Road Buckden Re-pollard white willow tree back previously pollarded - remove 5-6m of re-growth - reason tree too big, shading the lodge and have had 3-4 large re-growth branches fall out of the tree
18/01968/TREE 15 Watersmead Mill Road Buckden (T1) Cedar Deodara reduce by about 6 metres and then reduce the lateral branches by 2-3metres
(T2) White Willow pollard by 6-8 metres
(T3) River Willow pollard hard (tree will only be 5 metres tall once pollarded)
18/01891/TREE 21 Watersmead Mill Road Buckden The tree being referred to is a very large Crack Willow situated behind the property at 21 Watersmead, Buckden Marina. The tree is located between two equally large Weeping Willow trees all three trees growing in a fourteen metre space. Due to the proximity of the trees they are suffering from overcrowding, excessive shading is taking place and the stability of the Crack Willow has to be called into question because of its great height and the fact that it is leaning.
In view of these reasons I am requesting that the Crack Willow is felled and a replacement tree planted preferably in a different location, to be decided
18/01641/FUL Land Adjacent 119 Great North Road Erection of two dwellings including provision of new access
18/01464/HHFUL 102 Great North Road Buckden Proposed two storey extension to the side.
18/80203/COND Land Off Lucks Lane And West And South Of The Osiers And Springfield Close Buckden Conditional Infomation for 16/00576/OUT: Condition 27 - Design Code
18/01343/HHFUL 9 Great North Road Buckden Dropped kerb
18/01507/TREE 11 Bishops Way Buckden T1 Over mature previously pollarded willow. Extensive internal and external decay in main trunk extending from shoulder height (approximately 1.8m) to first major fork (approximately 3m) - see photographs. Removal of willow due to decay
18/01395/OUT Land North Of Mill Road Buckden The erection of up to 230 dwellings with public open space, landscaping and sustainable drainage system (SuDS). All matters reserved
18/01266/TREE 33 Ouse Valley Way Mill Road Buckden Re-reduce (they have been frame work pollarded before) 3 lime tree (T1-T2 and T3) removing the last 5 years regrowth the reduction would take about 4 meters of the trees the reason for the work is the lime trees are shading the lodges that are near them.
18/01363/HHFUL 16 The Osiers Buckden Ground floor extension to frontage with mono pitch roof
18/01233/FUL 27 Lincoln Close Buckden Erection of dwelling
18/01267/TREE Riverside 28 Ouse Valley Way Mill Road Buckden (T1) customer want to reduce a silver leaf maple by 3 meters because the trees getting to big and feels the lateral limbs are getting to close to his lodge
18/01209/OUT Manor Farm Stirtloe Lane Stirtloe Demolition of existing garage and erection of two detached dwellings and a detached garage with all matters reserved other than access and layout
18/01162/TRCA 3 Church Street Buckden Maple - tidy up previously hacked branches growing towards black building - prune back to main upright stems. Any growth higher up tree which overhangs said building to be pruned back to main stems.
Pear - Remove bottom 6 branches back to main trunk.
18/70136/SCRE Land North Of Mill Road Buckden SCREENING OPINION
18/00918/HHFUL 10 Perry Road Buckden Proposed extension to the rear
18/00914/CLPD 14A Lincoln Close Buckden Single storey side extension
18/00917/HHFUL 11 Lincoln Close Buckden Proposed new two storey front/side extension with raised and new roof profile to existing two storey side extension, single storey front porch and alteration to rear
18/00869/FUL Pasturelands Taylors Lane Buckden Application for replacement stables and tack/store room (retrospective)
18/00557/HHFUL 42 Church Street Buckden Change of use from store to office/study and annexe
18/80111/COND 45 Lucks Lane Buckden Conditional Infomation for 17/02025/HHFUL - C3
18/00852/TREE 16 Marina View Mill Road Buckden Trim hedge to approximately 6 ft in height to enable safe maintenance and support the use of the hedge for nesting and wildlife refuge.
18/70076/SCRE Land At Rear Of 57 To 63 Silver Street Buckden Screening opinion
18/00435/ADV 63 Silver Street Buckden Retrospective sign indicating location and contact details for administration of Parish Council allotments.
18/80059/COND 21 Mill Road Buckden Condition information for 17/02073/HHFUL - C3
18/00482/HHFUL 32 Beaufort Drive Buckden Two storey extension to rear of property
18/00442/HHFUL 1 School Lane Buckden Full refurbishment and renovation and upgrade of the existing building. In addition demolition of existing garage and construction of two single storey extensions
18/80059/COND 21 Mill Road Buckden Condition information for 17/02073/HHFUL - C3
18/00407/TRCA Bowlings Silver Street Buckden Elm: fell
Damson: reduce by 3-4m to second main fork, grown too large leading to potential branch failure
Plum: remove the leading branches and light thin
Lime: reduce by 3-4m, growing too large for its surroundings
Apple: re-prune to old points
18/00349/HHFUL 2 Park Road Buckden Single storey side extension
18/00346/TREE 16 Church Street Buckden Magnolia: reduce crown by 1.5 metres to improve shape
Cherry Plum: reduce crown by 2 metres to improve shape
18/00333/HHFUL 5-9 Church Street Buckden Alterations and refurbishment including re-rendering and construction of sun room
18/00313/HHFUL 77 High Street Buckden Alterations and loft conversion of rear building
18/00180/NMA 27 Greenway Buckden Amendment to application 16/01804/HHFUL - Removal of RH Door and Window - reason kitchen will now be located on this side of property. Decrease in size of the LH and RH upstairs bathroom and on-suite windows, - reason structural request from Engineers. Additional Door and smaller window replacement to rear LH side, removal of larger window- reason utility is now located on this side of the property
18/80019/COND Paddock Farm Taylors Lane Buckden Condition information for 17/00566/PMBPA - 1
18/00093/HHFUL 57 Lucks Lane Buckden New single storey front porch, single storey rear extension after demolition of existing conservatory and internal alterations
18/00083/TREE Ouse Valley Way Mill Road Buckden (T1) Ash - tree is growing too large for its surroundings; reduce upper crown by 2-3m and shape laterals accordingly
18/00072/TREE 2 Marina View Mill Road Buckden T1 Poplar; re-pollard to old pruning points by 7-8m. Tree has grown too large for its surroundings and has substantial re-growth from old pollard points.
18/05018/CCM Materials Recycling Facility Station Farm Landfill Site Brampton Road Buckden Section 73 planning application to develop land without complying with condition 2 of planning permission H/1428/96 (Use of land for reclamation of waste soils, demolition waste and green waste by screening methods and processing using shredding machine) as varied by planning permissions H/5020/03/CW and H/05041/09/CW to extend the duration of the permission until 31 December 2026


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